Mission Statement

Our platform is a virtual home for people from Sialkot who live in different parts of the world. It’s a place where you can meet old friends and make new ones, all of whom share the same hometown as you – Sialkot. Dive into this friendly online space and reconnect with the heart of your roots.

We want to create a space where everyone can help each other out, share stories, and feel closer to home, no matter where they are. Whether you’re looking for advice, trying to find a job, or just wanting to chat with someone who understands your background, our community is here for you.

Join us to keep the spirit of Sialkot alive across the world, making sure that no one feels alone in their journey abroad. Together, we can build a network of support, friendship, and unity, one Sialkotian at a time.

About Us

My Story
Syed Anwar Wasti
I am a proud native of Sialkot who has been residing in the vibrant city of New York for the past 40 years. Over these years, I have gathered a wealth of experiences and knowledge that I am eager to share with others who are embarking on a similar journey.

From the bustling streets of Sialkot to the iconic skyline of New York, my journey has been filled with learning and growth. I have navigated the complexities of settling in a new land, adapting to its culture, and finding my place in a diverse community.

How I Can Help

I have always harbored a deep desire to assist newcomers who choose to come to the USA, whether as students, visitors, or families seeking a fresh start. Through this platform, I aim to offer guidance and support in various aspects such as:

  • For Students: Finding economical accommodations, sharing rooms, and navigating the educational landscape.
  • For Visitors: Recommending the best places to visit, locating halal food outlets, and offering tips to make your stay enjoyable.
  • For Families: Suggesting economical places to stay during trips to Disneyland, finding halal food options, and more.
  • For Those Seeking Healthcare: Providing information on healthcare facilities and treatment options available in the region.

Our Purpose

This platform is not just a community; it’s a movement of giving back to the place we come from, a place that has shaped us into who we are today. It is built on the principle of ‘paying it forward’, offering assistance and guidance to each other absolutely free of charge.

We believe that by sharing our expertise and experiences, we can create a network of support that transcends borders, fostering a global family that embodies the spirit of Sialkot. It’s our way of saying thank you to our roots, and ensuring that the bond of community remains strong, no matter where we are in the world.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in this noble endeavor. Share your expertise, offer a helping hand, and let’s build a platform where every Sialkoti can find a piece of home, a place of support and camaraderie. Together, we can make a difference, one helping hand at a time.

Remember, we are not just building a platform; we are nurturing a community where everyone is welcome, and everyone has something valuable to contribute. It’s our way of paying homage to our roots, and a step towards building a global family united in the spirit of Sialkot.